Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The worms are biting

Today, my new employee, Joe, brought in the head of a rattler he killed yesterday. The head was huge, so he must've been a big one. It seems this is going to be a bad year for snakes. I even saw a story on the local news about it.

Joe told me a story of when he and his family first moved to their current place out in the country. It concerned a family who lived nearby. One hot summer day, one of this family's kids, a six-year old girl, runs into the house to tell her daddy the worms were biting her.
"Don't be silly, honey," he tells her. "Worms don't bite."
She holds out her hands and there are punctures all over them. Seems she found a nest of baby rattlesnakes. She was dead before they could get to the hospital.

My little girl will turn six tomorrow.

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