Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dunkus Interruptus

This past Saturday, after tucking in my little one and kissing her goodnight, I traipsed downstairs in the hopes of cornering my wife. She had dropped a few hints earlier that it could very well be my lucky day, and I wasn't about to let this opportunity get away.

She was lying on the couch, watching some college hoops on the tube. I convinced her those college punks didn't have nothing on me, and after some pretty slick moves (I got a mean crossover, you know) I was able to break down her defense and achieved penetration. Nothing but slam dunks -- over and over and over... Rather pleased with myself, I started engaging in some serious trash talk. I'm not normally very vocal, but what can I say, I was in the zone.

In the midst of negotiating a particularly complex between-the-knees, behind-the-back tomahawk slam, I hear what sounds like my daughter calling from upstairs. Damn.  I defy gravity and hanging in mid-air called up to her, asking if everything was alright.  She yelled back down, "Keep it down, down there, I'm trying to sleep! "

My wife and I both busted out laughing. We decided to call it halftime, and wait a few minutes before resuming the game. Luckily she never came down, and didn't even mention anything the next day. Whew!  Next time I'll remember to make sure the A/C is running and her music is on before we have another game of one-on-one. 


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed you some nice playoff action, Bubba. Way to score!

  2. But I been scoreless since then. What's a lonely, horny bubba to do?