Monday, June 21, 2010

A dram to your health

Currently enjoying a rather healthy dram of a very fine Single Malt, pictured at left. Ardbeg 10 year old. It's got such a wonderful nose, it's almost a shame to drink it. Almost.

After a long hiatus from Single Malt Scotch, I've recently rediscovered my love of this fine type of whiskey. Not that I'm giving up on Bourbon. But there are so many single malts out there, I'm having a blast going through them now. And with more of an appreciation than I had before. Appreciating a single malt scotch is very similar to tasting a fine wine. Well, the terminology and approach, anyhow. We're looking at color, nose, mouth feel, palate and finish.

The nose of this Ardbeg has got plenty of tar and smoke, to be sure. But there's also honey and lemon in there too, somehow. So complex.

This whiskey epitomizes scotches from Islay: strong, in-your-face, no apologies. The palate is medicinal and seaweedy, but also comforting and reassuring. The finish? loooooooong.

I'm sure this would be the perfect whiskey for a cold, winter's night. But it's not out of place now, in an unforgiving Texas summer.

Before this bottle, I finished a Laphoraig Quarter Cask. Am I a slave to Islay, or what? It's such a manly dram, I really don't want to drink anything else right now. So what will be next? Hmmm, looks like I've got some research to do.

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