Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Daughter, the Detective

I helped my daughter with a school assignment the other day. They were supposed to do a time-line showing past, present and future: a picture of her as a baby, a picture of her now and a picture of what she wants to be in the future. Influenced by my wife's obsession of reading mysteries, my little girl wants to be a detective, ala Sherlock Holmes. So I doctored up a photo of her to include in the project.

She loved it, as did her teacher.

I think she has all the qualities that would make up a fine sleuth: naturally suspicious (believes nothing she hasn't found out for herself), determined to follow through anything she has begun (which also means she can be as stubborn as a mule), and has a rock solid sense of what constitutes right and wrong (which means I'm constantly getting busted.)


  1. Thanks Rique! Yeah, I enjoy manipulating pics (it's become a bit of a hobby of mine--or as my wife says, time-waster,) but it's especially fun when I can do something for my daughter.

    And yes, I like this font much better than the previous one. I hadn't realized how hard it was to read before, especially with the black text on white background. Reversing that really helps it pop out.

  2. Your daughter is adorable, btw. Yeah I know a lot about those time wasters, er, hobbies. My wife is sooooo happy I've recently eliminated one "time waster".

    I may try something similar with my font. I like that black on white look too. I had that originally.

  3. Hey Bubba,

    Citygirl has got her blog up. Check it out!