Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playhouse of Death II

My wife and daughter are going out of town to spend the weekend with my wife’s cousins, which leaves me all by myself, to my own devices.  Ah, yeah!  Bachelor Weekend!  Woo-hoo!!!   

Actually, reality being what it is, said devices will be a compound miter saw, cordless drill and nail gun.  You know what that means!  Playhouse of Death II:  Back for More! (more punishment? flesh wounds?  *gasp* decapitation, perhaps?!)
Of course, my wife has assured my daughter no work will get done, as I’ll probably do nothing but lie around, drink beer and read.  Hmmm, she just might be onto something, there.  Damn that woman's intuition!  No, I promised my daughter I would work on it, and work on it I will!  That’s not to say I won’t spend some time lying around, drinking and reading.  (Friday night and Saturday night, after I’m done working, that is.  Alcohol and power tools are a bad combination.  Baaaaaad.  I’ve grown accustomed to my ten fingers, and would like to keep them, thank you very much.)  With respect to the reading, I’ve got a few books going now, two of which I might be able to finish while I’m there.  Especially since there is no internet or TV to distract me.
But during the day, I will be working away.  I’m hoping to put up the fourth wall frame, finish out the shell, install the windows, and maybe get the door put in.  Provided I can get all that done, there’s some siding in one of the sheds I might try to get out and start putting on.  Only problem there is all the snake skins I’ve seen as soon as I open the door, leaving me to believe there’s a family of poisonous vipers residing therein.  Could be interesting, hmmm?  Will Bubba brave the Snakepit of Doom to rescue the aluminum siding?  We can’t wait to find out! 

In a couple of weeks, my girls will be going out of town again.  So, if the Playhouse of Death hasn't consumed me this weekend, and I'm still of this world:  stay tuned for Playhouse of Death III:  The Wreckoning! (in 3-D, of course).   Gee Mr. B, I didn’t wealize it was going to be a twilogy
If I can somehow manage to get all of the aforementioned steps completed this weekend, all that will be left is to finish the siding, and put the roof on.  I can work on the roof frames during the week, so when I get back down there, all I will need to do is screw them on, and then lay the roof down.  And voila, badda bing, badda boom, Bob's your uncle, it will be finished!  Actually, realistically speaking, this trilogy will more than likely mirror Douglas Adams’ trilogy “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”  in number.  Just keeping it real, you know.

Oh, btw, I promise some pics soon.  Minus the flames.  Hopefully.


  1. Hope it was a great time, Bubba, and you got that Bubba butchering playhouse of doom done for your daughter!

  2. Not even close to being done, Enrique. Phase three is this weekend. And I still won't get done. At the rate it's going, I should've just dug up some large stones, and built a castle. The Castle of Doom!