Tuesday, December 27, 2011

factum est

I finally finished it: William Gaddis' masterpiece, The Recognitions. 956 pages of pure genius. I shall not look upon its like again.


  1. Bravo, Bubba!

    Is J R on the docket soon?

    I still need to read his third and fourth novels.

  2. Carpenter's Gothic is a wonderful book. Gaddis forced major constraints on himself in writing this, as everything had to take place in the house.

    I pre-ordered Dalkey's new edition of JR when I ordered The Recognitions, and they are supposed to ship sometime in February, so yes, I will be reading it as soon as Mr. Postman brings it to me. Although I will be doing so with some trepidation after reading what you said about it in the thread of the Famous Voluminous Novels group.

    My wife made me laugh yesterday. As I turned the last page of The Recognitions, and closed the book, she asked, "You aren't actually intending on reading that again, are you?"

    "Oh, yeah," I replied, laughing maniacally. "Oh, yeah!"

  3. He's a maniac, maniac to the core! And he's reading like he's never read before!

    ~ a discarded outtake from the "Flashdance" sessions, by Michael Sembello.