Monday, November 9, 2009

Another week

The start of another week. At least I get a break midway through. That will be nice. I haven't posted to this blog in a while, been too busy with other stuff, plus slowly posting my sonnets to my other blog.

It's been a little painful going through them. Not so much for the sentimental reasons stated earlier, but just because they aren't as good as I remember them. Of course, these are the very first ones I wrote, so I hadn't gotten into my stride yet. Still, they really are stinkers. I've been tempted to post some comments on some other blogs that feature poetry. The only thing holding me back is not wanting to draw attention to mine. Not yet, anyhow.

But it seems I have picked up a follower. Not sure why she is following the sonnet blog, she never posts any comments. Maybe she just needs a good laugh reading some really bad poetry. And these would definitely fit the bill.

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