Sunday, November 15, 2009

lone voice in the wilderness

I howl, but does anyone anyone hear me? A ronin wolf in a vast woods, but I'm not seeking a master. I'm seeking to master myself. I like the sound of my voice. Most days. Yet, I'm still trying to find it. Just the right pitch and timbre.

I prowl around, looking for a kindred spirit, but have not yet found one. Stop looking, and be content with myself. Sing for myself. A song of myself, isn't that what Walt said? There are no others like me. Accept, and move on. There are many things to see. But to be content within oneself. That is the secret. My thoughts, emotions, ideas.

Seneca said, "Wherever you go, there you are." Here I am.


  1. It's not wrong to desire a friend, even if the Stoic does not need one to be happy. As you point out, self mastery and contentment with ones' own self, and a life in accord with the nature of man, thats the important thing

  2. Thanks so much for the comment! I never thought anyone would ever read it when I wrote it, much less leave such a poignant comment as yours. Noticed your latest about Seneca, and am looking forward to delving into it. Reading Seneca got me through the difficult time when my father was dying.

  3. "Ronin Wolf". Very nice.

    You are of an education & practice in prose that unfortunately bars me from being able to fully appreciate what you've written. But I think I can appreciate the soul of it.